Our multi-risk PPE

A shield to protect men and women

PPE for every trade

There are all sorts of working environments so there are all sorts of protective requirements too. That’s why at CEPOVETT Safety we provide standardised protective clothing designed and made to protect every type of artisan trade from welders to painters. Like a shield, the fabrics, finishes and functions of our clothes are designed to provide long-lasting protection to suit the practices and demands of each field.

Choose CEPOVETT Safety personal protective equipment

CEPOVETT Safety has designed a full range of Personal Protective Equipment to fulfil the needs of professionals working in hazardous environments. Our ranges cover your needs in terms of High Visibility, Multi-Risk, Flame Retardant, Anti-Acid and ESD with over 200 models designed for PPE wearers. We’ve been pushing the boundaries of our expertise for over 70 years to design products that just get better and better. Whether it be the choice of fabric, pattern or technology, we strive to improve our ranges to fulfil the requirements of professionals in the field.

The employer’s duties

The employer has duties to fulfil in terms of your personal protective equipment (PPE).

  • Article L4122-2
    Any measures implemented for health and safety at work should not result in any expense from workers.
  • Article R4321-4
    Where necessary, the employer provides workers with appropriate personal protective equiment and, in the event of particularly unsanitary or dirty work, appropriate workwear. The employer must ensure they are used properly.
  • Article R4323-95
    Personal protective equipment and workwear stated in article R. 4321-4 is provided free of charge by the employer who must ensure they work properly and keep them in good condition with any necessary services, repairs and replacements.
    These requirements do not effect supply terms for personal protective equipment as per article L. 1251-23 for temporary workers.