Industrial washing

ISO 15797

Industrial washing

Picto de la norme textile EN 15797

Protective clothing ISO 15797 Industrial washing

In order for workwear to be compatible with industrial maintenance, it must pass the ISO 15797 standard tests.

PPE must comply with the “PRO” washing symbols (see above) which means professional industrial laundry.

  • The most frequent process is 75/160: 75°C in washing, 155°C in drying
  • The blackened numbered box indicates the type of washing
  • Most frequently used wash (especially for PPE): program 8
  • Empty box = the tunnel cannot be used

Detail of picto 15797 Industrial washing

The stages of industrial washing

Step 1: Sorting

This step is crucial to differentiate:

  • White and colors
  • PPE and non-PPI
  • Work clothes and flat linen (sheets, tablecloths, …)

In order to send the garments to the right maintenance process.

Step 2: Washing

  • Washing tunnels: accommodate approximately 50kg of laundry per module
  • Washing is done with detergent and chemical products adapted to these materials
  • The press at the exit of the washing tunnel: crushes the clothes in order to wring them out (pressure of 6 bars for clothes to 24 for flat linen)

Note: today more and more washes are done at 60°C to respect the fibers and save energy

Washing step 15797

Step 3: Hanging

Clothes are transported to the staff who place each garment on a hanger

Lavage industriel - Mise sur cintre

Step 4: Drying

In the drying tunnel:

  • For 7 minutes, the hangers scroll by
  • Temperature: between 120 and 160°C (actual temperature on the garment: 143°C)
Séchage industriel norme 15797