Approvals and guarantees

CEPOVETT Safety’s approvals and guarantees ensure you get

flawless quality products

Social and environmental audits throughout the textile chain

Our CSR policy includes an industrial risk assessment for our industrial partners namely with regards to labour laws to provide 360° Corporate Social Responsibilty support.

We base our approaches on the International Labour Organisation’s main regulations (ILO), local labour law and specific criteria.

A detailed written report and remedial actions are conducted and suggested to the purchaser following each audit.

These procedures ensure we guarantee thorough attention to detail alongside our quality service and especially provide operational opportunities for progress

The compliance of our procedures and textile products

CEPOVETT Safety is certified by AFAQ ISO 9001 version 2014. This certification helps improve our performance and efficiency as well as guarantee you get products that meet your specifications.

  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Sampling inspection plan (before/after)
  • 25 in-house quality controllers
  • over 10,000 inspections/year