Customer service

Our customer services supports you

and makes your everyday life simpler

To showcase the company’s values and meet your marketing and sustainable development requirements.

There has been increasing demand from our clothing users for additional services such as simplifying personal measurements, alterations, home delivery, non-financial information for the wearer e.g. where the clothes they’re wearing comes from, care requirements, dress code etc.

We provide every guarantee in terms of transparency and informative communication to our clothes wearers.

“Customer relations are vital to the CEPOVETT Group, a team is devoted to rolling your projects out and monitoring them on a daily basis”

  • The Customer Relations team is involved as soon as the project begins and supports sales people to analyse your requirements and issues, check feasability and communicate with every contact to ensure the best possible service whilst upholding the company’s strategy.

And they’re here to support you throughout the contract, handle any issues that arise and secure our relationship for the long-term.