EN ISO 14116

EN ISO 14116

Limited flame spread clothing

Picto de la norme textile EN ISO 14116

Workwear standardised to EN 14116

Clothing designed to protect against occasional and short duration contact with small flames in conditions that do not present a significant thermal hazard and in the absence of other types of heat.

Performance Coding

  • Limited flame spread index (1 to 3)
  • Durability index = number of washes
  • Type of washing: H: domestic washing, I: industrial washing, C: dry cleaning
  • Washing temperature
  • Index 3 corresponds to level A1 of EN ISO 11612 method A

EN ISO 14116:2008 – 3/25H/60: Index 3 / 25 domestic washes at 60°C
EN ISO 14116:2008 – 3/50I/75: Index 3 / 50 industrial washes at 75°C