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CEPOVETT Safety workwear

Your workwear is part of your everyday life…


Taking care of others is vital, that’s why at CEPOVETT SAFETY we design workwear that will make you forget you have to wear it for work. We take care of you and keep you safe every second of your working life. That’s why we take the utmost care when making these clothes as we know how important it is for you to feel good in them. We make them your second skin, your sidekick, a passport for life.

CEPOVETT SAFETY has designed workwear ranges to suit your trade. You have to deal with machinery, chemicals, heat and more on a daily basis so you need workwear that keeps you safe and is strong enough to last. CEPOVETT SAFETY provides products to suit your trade from head to toe. Workwear for men and women with suit trousers, overalls, jeans, jackets etc.


Artisans, or “artists”, are often recognised for the standard of their (art)work. If they want to excel then they don’t just need the right tools; they need the ultimate in comfort to do their job. CEPOVETT SAFETY strives to design fitted clothes to give maximum freedom of movement. Explore our CRAFT WORKER XP collection for a streamlined look with preformed sleeves and stretch patches on the back and elbows giving you freedom to move.


Working conditions are often tough with the summer heat and sun then winter cold and rain so your clothes are your only defence against the weather. CEPOVETT SAFEY provides a wide range of clothing to work in the best conditions all year round.

CEPOVETT SAFETY’s high-visibility collection features design-led products in line with industrial laundry requirements.