CEPOVETT Safety’s new concept that puts modularity at the heart of product creation. Whether it’s in a risky environment on a construction site, or in the office for a business meeting, adapt your outfit to your current needs!

All MODUL’WEAR products are designed to fit two waterproof and breathable parka SHELLS: a sleek and trendy Outdoor parka and a functional sportswear-style Hi-Vis parka. You can pair these EN 343-approved SHELLS with a range of LININGS from varsity jackets and softshells to bodywarmers, all Hi-Vis or Outdoor.
All the models are available individually so you can create the right outfit for you.

The MODUL’WEAR concept provides value for money and reduces waste: ONLY CHANGE IT WHEN IT’S WORN OUT!

Comfort, style and protection to suit your needs. Invisible fastening systems to fit bodywarmers to parka shells.