EN 14404

PPE – Protection of the knees for work performed in kneeling position

This equipment is intended to protect people who kneel to work.

4 Types of protection:

  1. Type 1: Knee guards that are separate to any clothing and fit around the leg.
  2. Type 2: Plastic foam inserted into trouser leg pockets.
  3. Type 3: Equipment that isn’t fitted to the body but put in place when the user moves. It can be provided for each knee or both knees together.
  4. Type 4: Accessories with additional functions e.g. a frame to help you get up or kneel down.

3 Levels of protection:

  • Level 0: flat ground – no penetration resistance requirements.
  • Level 1: flat ground – at least 100 N water penetration resistance.
  • Level 3: difficult conditions, at least 250 N penetration resistance.

⚠ The EN 14404 standard tests a knee pocket/knee pad set.

It specifies how this set should perform. The performance stated on the garment therefore only applies if the correct knee pad is used.